Best Kept Village competition judging for 2019 starts sometime this month...

Re-visting Rushall's History

 Rushall Parish Council had the pleasure of meeting Mick Millar on Sunday 5th May.  Mick lived in the Charlton St Peter in the 1950's and attended Rushall School along with two young lads from Rushall.  Mick and his friends have kindly asked to donate a bench and a tree to the village in honour of their long standing friendship.   The Parish Council met with Mick and heard wonderful stories of Rushall and its past.  It is hoped Mick and his friends will come back to Rushall in 2020 on their 70th anniversary of meeting and give a question and answers session to the community.


The Spring Clean 2019  

 The villages of Rushall and Charlton St Peter came out on Saturday 4th May to walk through the villages picking up litter.  Although the main pathways were pretty clear, much of the litter was found along Devizes Road in the hedge rows and around the back of the village hall and school.  Thank you to everyone who took part.   


We all gathered at the Village Hall Coffee Morning which was a real delight.  The bacon butties and hot teas were a welcome break.


The Community Cafe 

The community cafe is coming to Rushall Village Hall.

Held in Rushall and Charlton Village Hall.

Call in, take a seat and enjoy a drink and a cake, a chat and meeting friends old and new.

The aims of the café are

· To welcome one and all

· To enhance wellbeing

· To bring the people of Rushall and the surrounding villages together

· To reduce loneliness and isolation

The café will be open from 2pm until 4pm on the following dates

 June 19th  July 17th, August 14th, September 19th and so on

Surplus funds will contribute towards community projects once the café becomes self-funding


Village Gates 

Rushall has installed boundary gates to the village.  This is an attempt to slow down traffic.  Statistics show that villages across the UK have benefitted from entrance gates in the absence of traffic calming.  Rushall Parish Council received a grant to assist with the installation of the gate.