Rushall Parish Council Members and Responsibilities


Mrs Caroline Larken (Chair Person)

Liaison with village committees; Rushall and Charlton Village Hall, Church Parish Council and local businesses. Support and contact for local aging community. Support and contact for local young families. Member of Community Speedwatch. Member of the Parochial Church Council.

Mr Colin Gale (Parish Councillor)

Member of Community Area Transport Group (CATG), Neighbourhood Watch, Highways, Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP), member of Pewsey Vale Rail User Group (PVRUG), member of community speed watch, SID co-ordinator (traffic calming signs), contact for the Parish Council Newsletter, organiser of Village Hall Flower Show, Member of the Parochial Church Council.

Mr John Rogers (Parish Councillor)

Liaison for the Well Being Centre - Pewsey Vale Campus, Head of Community Speedwatch, contact for Rushall's Defibrillator.

Dr Richard Tilbury (Parish Councillor)

Member of Community Speedwatch, Organiser of Local Community Events i.e. Villagers Day, Member of the Parochial Church Council.

Mrs Lorraine Wornes (Parish Councillor)

Procedures and compliance representative.

Claire Ridge (Parish Clerk/ Financial Officer)

Contact for Parish Council Notice Board, Community Website, Community Emergency Plan, Flood Plan, Village Risk Assessment, Data Protection, Accounting.